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Notes from current support trends:

  • If you cannot edit a page or accordions - They are likely HQ standard content, and managed at the HQ level. If an edit needs to be made, you can submit a help desk ticket on Share Point and we will make the edit globally. 

  • All happenings for a garrison are now be available to pin to boards. 

Current Sprint Details (10/29)

  • Adding Brand Central file manager integration for Enterprise Web.
  • Ad Manager ad placement updates.
  • Adding content scanning functionality.
  • Fixing issues with Range Descriptions not displaying properly in locations. 
  • Fixing hide hours functionality for locations. 
  • Search indexing improvements.
  • Moving Notice Text to more prominent position for location entries in the directory. 

Highlights from future sprints:

This isn't a complete list, but rather some of the higher priority issues planned for sprints after the current

  • Default styling for core image slider block.
  • Shorter event URLs (or URL shortener option) for printing links to events on promo materials.
  • Better view for /categories /programs that shows all programs grouped by category.


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Previous Sprint Details

10 / 1 Sprint Details

  • Fixed issue with editing content blocks not working properly
  • Fixed issue where calendar events with no approved version not displaying properly
  • Fixed issue with previewing board elements
  • Updated centralized happening functionality to have more robust URL creation
  • Fixed issue with adding programs to pages via composer. 
  • Added a "hide from public directory" field on locations for relative locations. 


9/24 Sprint Details:

  • Fixed Analytics tracking category tracking on events
  • Improved board generation (automating board view regeneration, improving visual presentation by adding logic to avoid placing identical stripe templates next to one another). 
  • Fixed positioning on directory category filter drop down menu on mobile
  • Improved appearance of workflow button in "Waiting for Me" interface 
  • Improved appearance of site switcher button in edit bar
  • Added og:image support for programs so that they automatically supply social media sites with the image set for them rather than whatever the service scrapes from the page by default.

9/17 Sprint Details:

Pushed new code to the live website, includes:

  • Fixed Zama's directory page
  • Garrisons can now pin their happenings from the past to boards. 
  • Copyright no longer says 2019 in mobile
  • Page redirect attribute now works.
  • Time replacement ranges (eg; Dawn to Dusk) are no longer being displayed as closed. 
  • Garrison sites now have favicons
  • Dates removed from happenings when listed in stripes.
  • On demand CSV export for locations now available. 

9/10 Sprint Details:

Pushed new code to the live website, includes:

  • New “Regenerate” button on boards that pulls stripes in with a fresh order on demand.
  • Resolved some of the ordering issues so generally  events on home pages should start with today and move forward (not backwards)
  • Added a “edit this location” link to the sidebar where locations are shown when you are logged in as an editor, makes cleaning up locations a LOT fewer clicks.
  • Brought back the missing start/end time on event detail pages.
  • Improved paging logic in the Directory.
  • Added the ability to make bulk attribute changes to pages from sitemap search so we can apply headers and UPI codes faster.

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10 / 15 Sprint Details

  • Fixed swap file/image functionality.
  • Allowed picking file from the file upload screen within a file picker interface without having to click over to "Recently Uploaded" tab. 
  • Improved navigation of folders for selecting folder where uploaded files will go.
  • Made search results in the file picker match those in the file manager.
  • Fixed issue where contextual menu for folders and files in the file manager has no or limited items
  • Added Ability to create locations that don't show up in the directory location list.
  • Turned on auto-regeneration for all boards every 24 hours to keep them current. 
  • Fixed issue where "jump to folder" functionality in file manager is not working properly. 
  • Fixed issue where forms including a date picker sometimes run into display issues. 
  • Fixed issue where single day events are showing up as multiday in the calendar view. 
  • Made all day events show no time instead of "12:00AM - 11:59PM" 

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