Image Size and Best Practices for Enterprise Web

This guide provides image sizes and recommendations for the best-looking design on Enterprise Web.

Image size quick guide:

  • Happening and Event Featured Image - 750 x 421 pixels
  • Homepage Hero - 1440 x 520 pixels
  • Program Page Hero -‪ 2,560 x 590‬ pixels
  • Medium Rectangles Sidebar - 300 x 250 pixels
  • Leaderboard - 728 x 90 pixels
  • 3 Bottom Square Ads  - 180 x 150 pixels

For best results, follow the best practices on how to format images before uploading.

Image Sizes 

If you upload huge images to your website, it will cause the page to load slowly. Large photos can result in users losing patience and abandoning your site. It can also result in Google down-ranking your site and leaving you out of search results. Multiple large images can affect site performance. Keep your overall page size in mind.

When uploading images to your site, follow these guidelines:

  • Save images in .jpg format
  • 750 x 421 pixels, 72dpi 
  • Max size 80KB

Aspect Ratio 

Images must have a 16:9 aspect ratio most widescreen displaying environments. The image ratio means that images in events, promos, and facility pages reformat themselves to fit different sizes of screens (desktop, phones, tablets). 

Keeping the 16:9 ratio will format and resize thumbnails generated automatically from the original version of an image. Standard image formatting simplifies workflow, speeds load-times and, adds consistency to the look and feel of Enterprise Websites.

The common resolution in the 16:9 ratio for Enterprise websites is 750 x 421 pixels.


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