The Landing Page Template - How to Use it and Capabilities

The Landing Page template allows users to create a totally custom page appearance. Here is an example of what can be created with the Landing Page Template (view the page in action here): 

AFRC Landing Page


You can see that the navigation is removed, and all that remains is the thin MWR branding bar at the top, and the Enterprise Web footer at the bottom. 

To create a page like this one, you can click on the "Add Page" button in the edit bar and choose "General". You will change the template for this in the next step. 

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 11.11.44 AM.png

Once you are in the Composer form, you will notice that there is a Page Template drop down option. From there, choose "Landing" and then fill out the rest of the page information as you normally would.

The reason it is called "Landing" is because this is a template generally designed to be a "Landing" page, or a page that is advertised either by ads or social media posts for users to land on "directly" via a link. That is why it is outside of the flow of the general site navigation as it is meant to be more of a standalone page. 

Once you have placed your Landing Page, it will look like this - essentially the MWR branding bar and the footer flush together. This is fine, we will add content between them next. 

Landing Page Empty

First let's add the Hero Header block to give the top of the page some punch: 

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 11.27.22 AM.png

Once you've added the block, it will look like this with a nice background image and text overlay: 

From here, you can add some Containers to create an interesting layout, along with some full width background colors if desired to create a "stripe" appearance. Let's start with the Image Left - Gray Container. First go to the Add Block pane and choose "Containers":


Now, let's add the "Image Left - Gray" container:

Now that that's in place, we can add some content: 

And finally, we can add more containers with more content in different layouts. From here, it's time to get creative: 


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