Author / Approver Workflow

Enterprise Web 2.0 has user roles for authors and approvers. Authors can make edits to pages, but must submit changes to their approvers in order to get those changes approved and pushed live. 

Submitting Changes to Workflow as Author

  • Log into Enterprise Web
  • Navigate to a page and make edit a block. Alternatively,create a new page.
  • When it comes time to publish the page, instead of seeing “Publish” you will see “Submit to Workflow”. Click that button. version-comments.png


  • The page will reload, and you will see a notification in the lower right indicating that the page has been submitted for approval. The changes will not be pushed live until an approver has approved the changes from their approval dashboard interface. 


Checking for New Submissions and Approving Changes for Approvers

Approvers will need to periodically review their dashboard to see if there are any new submissions waiting in their cue to be approved or rejected. 

  • When logged in as an Approver user, navigate to your “Welcome” section in the dashboard. 



  •  On the Welcome page you will see your submissions from Author users waiting for review in the “Waiting for Me” section.
    • Clicking “Review” will bring up version comparison - this allows you to compare the changes made by the author vs. what is live today.
    • Clicking “Deny” will make the notification disappear and the new version will not be published . 
    • Clicking “Approve” will make the notification disappear and make the submitted version of the page go live instantly. 
    • Clicking “Archive” will make the notification go away forever without taking any action, either to deny or to approve. This is rarely used. 



Workflow on Enterprise Web allows for rapid collaboration between content editors to ensure that work going out is well-vetted and that Authors can work quickly and independently without having to involve Approvers until the final review. 


If you have any questions or run into any issues, reach out to the support team by selecting the question mark icon in the upper right in the edit bar.

Scroll to the bottom of the blue side menu, past the reference materials links, and select Open Support Ticket button to open a ticket. Someone will get back with you shortly.