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Basic Cooking Techniques I

Business Ops March 21, 2019

Learn the fundamental techniques for grilling and roasting. These methods are essential for every cook. Grilling a. Grilling Protein b. Grilling Vegetables Roasting a. Roasting Equipment b. Roasting – Perferred Meats c....

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NAF Open Enrollment: October 28 - November 29, 2019 -- Taking Care of You!

NAF Personnel Services October 16, 2019

The Open Enrollment period will be here very soon! Monday, October 28 is the first day and it closes on Friday, November 29.  Open Enrollment is the time of year when NAF employees can make changes to their health and life insurance...

CYS Employee Assignment Tool (CEAT)

NAF Personnel Services March 21, 2019

PCSing? No problem! Child and Youth Program Assistants (CYPAs) in all employment categories can now request a transfer to another installation through the CYS Employee Assignment Tool (CEAT). Can I stay employed with CYS when the military...

Business Ops August 23, 2019

Business and Recreation Division is proud to announce the FY18 Excellence in Management Award Winners

Panel members evaluated every nomination package and ranked them utilizing the point system in the selection criteria matrix.  The panel was...

NAF Personnel Services May 31, 2019

NAF Employees: New Health Plan Option for 2020

Join a call or attend a meeting to learn about the new plan option for 2020. Find out if the new plan is right for you. You and your...

NAF Personnel Services October 22, 2018

NAF Retirement

With the NAF Retirement Plan, you contribute 2% of your gross salary each pay period. Your employer contributes another 7.6% to the Army NAF...

Are you a NAF Financial Manager? Are you interested in the DoD FM Certification Program?

Are you a NAF Financial Manager? Are you interested in the DoD FM Certification Program? Starting 6 May 2019 Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF)...

Business Ops April 03, 2019

Plug N Play WebXPress Interface for Credit Card Processing

Plug N Play is the middle ware software connecting the web payment with RecTrac and the Chase Banking System. It is virtually seamless to the...

Business Ops March 28, 2019

Business Plan Template Revamped

The required business plan template has been revamped for ease of use. Download the new template here. Please contact us if you have...

Business Ops March 29, 2019

Recipe: Wrap, Veggie

Recipe: Wrap, Veggie (HAC) Yield: 1 Portion Ingredients: Qty/UOM: Tortilla, Whole Grain...

Business Ops February 17, 2019

G9 Authorizes Attendance to Industry-Sponsored Events

Regions and Garrisons will fund their travelers As a result of TDY/Conference Travel cuts across IMCOM, Business Operations was required to...