NOT Your Grandmother’s Game Anymore!!!!

Welcome, Bingo Managers!!!

Bingo has caught up with the 21st Century! It is no longer a game of hard cards with sliding windows. Today, Bingo can be a program full of excitement and high-tech equipment that is attractive to the younger crowd as well as experienced players. It can also preserve the traditions of bingo as a recreational activity for military personnel, their families, civilians and bona fide guests.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with you. Together we can enhance the program’s revenue and our customers’ enjoyment. The BizBoard Bingo Page is now one of your resources to succeed.  The future of the Army Bingo Program depends on our ability to orchestrate the day-to-day activities of an innovative and exciting program to generate maximum profits to the installation and at the same time provide first-class service to the installation’s customers.

Bingo is FUN!!! Enjoy the ride….

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