Ad Manager Ad Placement Instructions - Top of Page and Browsing


Ad Server 

For any ads you would like to have appear in your "top-of-page" leaderboard or medium rectangle locations, please see instructions below. 

If you'd like an ad to appear in the Top-of-Page location only:
1. In the Ad Server, select the ad you would like to edit.
2. In the Form Factor drop-down list towards the bottom of the page, select the corresponding Top-of-Page option (ie: Top of Page Leaderboard or Top of Page Medium Rectangle)

Ad Placement

If you'd like an ad to appear in BOTH the Top-of-Page and Browsing locations, your ad will already be visible in the Browsing placement.  You'll need to create the 2nd ad to display in the "Top-of-Page" placement as follows:
1. Create the client's new ad in the ad server.
2. On this new ad, go to the bottom of the edit page, and select the corresponding Top-of-Page option (ie: Top of Page Leaderboard or Top of Page Medium Rectangle)

If you'd like your ad to only appear in the "Browsing" locations, no actions are needed, as all ads will default to the "Browsing" locations upon the Sprint push 29 OCT. 

View the full documententation for additional info/reference if needed. 


If you have any questions or run into any issues, reach out to the support team by selecting the question mark icon in the upper right in the edit bar on Enterprise Web.


Scroll to the bottom of the blue side menu, past the reference materials links, and select Open Support Ticket button to open a ticket. Someone will get back with you shortly.


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