Converting PDFs to Happenings and Events for Better user EngagemenT, ADA Compliance, and SEO


When you have a PDF, it is often tempting to post the PDF to Enterprise Web for people to view online. However, it is a better practice to take the content from the PDF and create a Happening or create an Event from it. Here are a few reasons: 

1.) It is much easier for Search Engines to read web pages than PDFs. Web pages also contain meta data like date formats that allow Search Engines to create things like event cards, etc. 

2.) PDFs are not mobile-friendly - users need to "pinch and zoom" to be able to see any of the information on their phones. This can result in users just leaving and not engaging with the material, which results in lower engagement. 

3.) PDFs are frequently not ADA compliant - converting it to a happening or event will make sure the widest audience is able to access your materials and fulfills 508 ADA requirements as well. 

Converting your PDF flyers into Happenings or Events will help make sure it's widely accessible and more likely to see engagement from your users. 


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