FY17 Excellence in Management Awards Winners Are Announced

Business OpsSeptember 22, 2018

Capture-150x150.pngIMCOM G9 Business Operations is proud to announce the FY17 Excellence in Management Award Winners. Panel members evaluated every nomination package and ranked them utilizing the point system in the selection criteria matrix.

The panel was composed of IMCOM Directorates’ Business Program Managers, an AFRC Representative, and IMCOM G9 BO Program Managers. The following managers were selected as the winners in their respective categories:

– Ms. Xenoula “Xenia” Chapman, Fort Belvoir Officers’ Club, is the winner of the 2017 James A. Carroll, Jr. Award for excellence in food and beverage management. Ms. Chapman is a true visionary who has changed the face and feel of the Officers’ Club from the moment she set foot in its historic doors. More than just a business manager, she is at the heart of its operations ensuring that the Service Members and their Families receive top notch attention and that her staff are always ready to match that spirit of continuous service.

– Ms. Kelly Wright, Fort Sill Twin Oaks Bowling Center, is the winner of the 2017 Excellence in Management for Bowling Award. Ms. Wright has demonstrated excellent managerial skills, pro-active attitude, willingness to learn, focus on customer service and community outreach. Her understanding of business rules is outstanding and distinguishes her as one of FMWR’s top leaders.

– Mr. Benjamin “Ben” A. Howard, Redstone Arsenal Challenger Bingo, is the winner of the 2017 Excellence in Management for Bingo Award. Mr. Howard is an outstanding leader with a distinct ability to apply his business acumen and drive for success to the operation in a way that generates the highest returns, from both a financial and customer service perspective.

– Mr. Edward D. Galvan Jr., Wiesbaden Rheinblick Golf Club, is the winner of the 2017 Excellence in Management for Golf Award. Mr. Galvan is totally dedicated to both customer service and business excellence. His continued engagement with the co-use, Local National membership facilitated needed changes to the co-use agreement as a result of Host Nation tax law change. His business performance has been superb.

All of these awardees exhibited the highest level of excellence in leadership, operational performance, initiative and mentorship.

A congratulatory 3-Star note from LTG Kenneth R. Dahl, Commander, IMCOM, individualized plaques, $500.00 cash and 16 hours’ time-off incentive award should be presented to each winner, at appropriate ceremonies in concert with the Garrison Commanders or respective IMCOM Directorate Program Managers. The appropriate presentation of awards seeks public recognition by peers and the community leadership.

Please accept our congratulations for all the FY17 Program Award Winners. They truly deserve this recognition!

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