Internal Controls

Business OpsFebruary 14, 2019

Family and MWR Business Operations




  1. Current FY Benchmarks and Standards
  2. Bar Regulations
  3. Beverage Controls
    • Cash Controls
    • Sales Accountability
    • How to Take a Bar Inventory
    • Physical Security
  4. Breakage/Spoilage Accountability
  5. Cash Deposits and Safe Security
  6. Cash Register Operation
    • DA Form 4082
    • Change Fund Issue and Turn In
    • Coverage and Shortage Logs
  7. Document Control
  8. Draft Beer Accountability
    • Sales Accountability
    • Expected Sales Method
    • Keg Scales
    • Draft Beer Control Meters
    • Flow Meters
    • Beer Foam Control Devices
    • Cooperage
  9. Employee Meals
  10. Fixed Assets
  11. Inventory Control
    • Physical Inventories
    • Perpetual Inventories
    • Sensitive Item Inventories
    • Central Storeroom Requisition
    • Stock Record Cards/Bin Cards
    • Inventory Turnover Rate
  12. Key Control
    • Key and Lock Custodian
    • Key Depository
    • Master Inventory List
    • Key Control Register
    • Permanently Issued Keys
    • Inventories
    • Forms
  13. The Operational Data Collection and Flash Reports
  14. Petty Cash
  15. Quick Shot Bingo
  16. Retail Merchandise (Other than Food and Beverage) Inventories
  17. Sales Accountability
    • Sales Accountability Tests
    • Variances
    • Scatter Sheets
    • Bar Sales Accountability
    • Food Sales Accountability
    • Cover Charge Accountability
  18. Surprise Inventory/Cash Counts
  19. Standardized recipes and Cost Cards
  20. Catering Operations
  21. Tip Reporting/Allocation
  22. Vending and Amusement Machines
  23. Program Evaluation – Food, Beverage and Entertainment/ Catering Facilities
  24. Program Evaluation - Bowling
  25. Program Evaluation - Golf
  26. Form Index

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